About Us

Leading Patient-Centric Innovation

Our world-class leadership team unites industry professionals with leading minds in medicine and software engineering, driving innovation at the intersection of healthcare and technology to transform surgical coordination and patient care.

Meet Our Executive Leadership Team

Dr. Slim Souissi
Co-Founder & CEO
Don Courtney
Co-Founder & President
Dr. Charles DeCook
Chief Innovation Officer
Dr. Michael Ast
Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Mihir Patel
Chief Visionary Officer
Jason Momenthy
SVP, Product & Marketing
Mehdi Souissi
SVP, Operations Engineering
Brandon Graves
Director, Sales & Marketing

Meet Our Strategic Advisory Board

Leading Surgeons and Healthcare Visionaries Actively Shaping the Future of Surgical Coordination and Patient Care.
Dr. Munish Batra
Co-Founder, Board Member & Surgeon
Dr. Sanjay Ghosh
Neurosurgeon & Advisor
Dr. Brian Cohen
Orthopedic Surgeon & Advisor
Dr. Atul Kamath
Orthopedic Surgeon & Advisor
Dr. Michael Cross
Orthopedic Surgeon & Advisor
Dr. Kelly Hiatt
Orthopedic Surgeon & Advisor
Dr. Brian Weeks
Dr. Brian Weeks
ENT Surgeon & Advisor
Dr. Alexander Khalessi
Neurosurgeon & Advisor
Dr. Mark Rasmussen
Anesthesiologist & Advisor
Dr. Tal David
Orthopedic Surgeon & Advisor