Don Courtney

Mr. Courtney is co-founder of Ospitek and President of business development. Mr. Courtney has been developing cutting edge technologies , since 1979, across a wide business spectrum , from entertainment, to professional sports, military and healthcare.

He has 34 years of experience within the healthcare marketplace , having funded and brought both TENS UNITS and Controlled Cold Therapy to the Orthopedic marketplace, having licensed his technologies to Smith & Nephew and developed the first Plug n play wireless network in the world , C-LAN, dedicated to the Internet of Things, re tracking & sensing, for supply chain management and meta data.

Additionally he funded the invention and development of wireless motion capture for the movie & video game industry. Mr. Courtney funded and led the development of wireless tracking & sensing for Warner Brother's Studios.

Don and a group of partners in NYC were the first to bring entertainment from space to consumers in 1979, when they invented direct satellite to dish , pay per view TV. This group also started the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and National College Television Network. Prior to working in the United States , Mr.Courtney, born in Montreal, was an International Investigative Broadcast Journalist, working as a Bureau Chief on Parliament Hill , covering the then Prime Minister of Canada , Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

Having been presented with numerous journalistic awards , Mr.Courtney received his most prestigious award, for two investigative documentaries, regarding the Montreal Olympics in 1976. This award was given to Mr.Courtney, by the International Olympic Committee, in Lausanne , Switzerland .

After his journalistic career, Mr. Courtney, owned a highly successful professional sport marketing company , representing professional athletes, in hockey, football and tennis and he also owned several upscale restaurants in Ottawa and Toronto.

Mr. Courtney, a Director of the Ottawa Rough Riders Football Club, in the Canadian Football League, oversaw Business Development, Marketing and Public Relations, for the team , from 1976 to 1979. The Ottawa Football Club realized its most profitable years under Mr. Courtney‘s direction as a Director of Business Development , while on the field, the club won the Grey Cup in 1979.