LIVE Patient Flow Management and Tracking

Unify surgical stakeholders with the Advanced Operations Dashboard, an intuitive tool offering a comprehensive view of procedural progress and status. Its automated, real-time patient movement tracking provides unmatched operational awareness. Additionally, Procedural Progress Insight ensures the entire surgical team stays informed and synchronized through real-time updates, significantly enhancing care efficiency and team coordination.

Intelligent Operating Room Schedule Dashboard

Streamline operating room management with an intelligent dashboard that blends real-time patient location tracking, comprehensive surgical schedules, and detailed procedure insights. This integrated approach, featuring automated updates in harmony with patient records, ensures a seamless and efficient surgical environment, essential for both staff and patient care.

IoT Care-Taker

IoT-driven LIVE tracking elevates caretaker engagement by offering live visibility into the patient pathway from any approved device, requiring zero manual input from the surgical team. This feature-rich system provides live updates for timely and accurate information flow, along with bi-directional communication, automated status notifications, and additional conveniences such as curbside pickup, ensuring a seamless and informed patient care experience.

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Company News

Dr. Mihir Patel Joins Ospitek as Chief Innovation Officer

"As Chief Visionary Officer, I am ready to support Ospitek's groundbreaking advancements, with a vision to transform operations in surgical centers, revolutionize staff workflows, and redefine standards of care by focusing on the patient and the family's journey."
Company News

Dr. Michael Ast Joins Ospitek as Chief Medical Officer

"I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to contribute to a company that stands at the vanguard of innovation in surgical coordination"
Surgical Panel Discussion

Navigating Surgical Efficiency

Dive into the world of surgical efficiency with Dr. Mihir Patel, Dr. Charlie DeCook, Lacy Dyer, and Dr. Michael Ast as they unravel the complexities of patient care and operational success.
Company News

Dr. Charles DeCook Joins Ospitek as Chief Innovation Officer

"I firmly believe that this platform has the potential to revolutionize the orthopedic surgery experience for both patients and healthcare providers. Together, we will drive innovation and improve patient outcomes by harnessing the power of AI and IoT in the surgical coordination process."