Recent News: Ospitek Announces new Chief Medical and Chief Visionary Officers, Dr. Michael Ast & Dr. Mihir Patel
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IoT & AI Enhanced Solutions

Unlock the Power of Radical Time Transparency.

Functioning as the nerve center of your ASC, Ospitek empowers the shift in energy from manual, administrative, tasks back to patient care.

Automated Performance Reporting and Enterprise Analytics

Ospitek delivers unmatched operational performance visibility, ensuring data integrity by synchronizing timestamps and KPIs with patient movements to eliminate human error. Our custom KPI reporting and advanced analytics empower decision-making with precise, actionable insights.

Automated Patient Flow Management

Ospitek's fully automated patient flow management dashboards offer LIVE visibility into each patient's movement and surgical journey milestones, ensuring instant synchronization across your surgical team.

Unified Stakeholder Communication

Designed to bring all surgical stakeholders—caregivers, surgical teams, anesthesia providers, and vendor reps—into perfect alignment. Our intuitive dashboards offer a comprehensive glance at each patient's status and every operational detail, complemented by automated event notifications for seamless collaboration.

Operating Room Turnover Management

Ospitek boosts OR turnover and throughput efficiency with automation and live communication, streamlining room turnovers and patient handoffs to maximize ASC resources.

Dive into our video library for firsthand accounts showcasing how Ospitek revolutionizes surgical transparency, efficiency, and outpatient coordination.

Intelligent Operating Room Schedule Management

Optimize staff planning, room utilization, and turnover efficiency with our intelligent operating room scheduling dashboard. It offers live visibility into upcoming and ongoing cases, staff and vendor assignments, delays, equipment, and more.

Digital Registration and Intake Document Management

Transform surgical preparation with our 'Click & Submit' digitized registration and intake, accessible from any device. Ensure patients arrive fully prepared, with real-time visibility into the LIVE registration progress of your upcoming cases.

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Insights & Innovation

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Company News

Dr. Mihir Patel Joins Ospitek as Chief Innovation Officer

"As Chief Visionary Officer, I am ready to support Ospitek's groundbreaking advancements, with a vision to transform operations in surgical centers, revolutionize staff workflows, and redefine standards of care by focusing on the patient and the family's journey."
Company News

Dr. Michael Ast Joins Ospitek as Chief Medical Officer

"I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to contribute to a company that stands at the vanguard of innovation in surgical coordination"
Surgical Panel Discussion

Navigating Surgical Efficiency

Dive into the world of surgical efficiency with Dr. Mihir Patel, Dr. Charlie DeCook, Lacy Dyer, and Dr. Michael Ast as they unravel the complexities of patient care and operational success.
Company News

Dr. Charles DeCook Joins Ospitek as Chief Innovation Officer

"I firmly believe that this platform has the potential to revolutionize the orthopedic surgery experience for both patients and healthcare providers. Together, we will drive innovation and improve patient outcomes by harnessing the power of AI and IoT in the surgical coordination process."