Jason Momenthy
SVP, Product & Marketing

Mr. Momenthy is the SVP of Product and Marketing for Ospitek. In his role he is responsible for marketing oversight and product innovation strategy. With a background in cybersecurity, product and market development and investor relations, Mr. Momenthy has nearly a decade investing in, advising for, and supporting the growth of innovation driven companies; leveraging emerging technologies, big data and a focus on upstream marketing to accelerate product growth.

Mr. Momenthy's experience in Healthcare IT includes leading market research and product strategy for LifeVoxel.AI, a GPU based cloud computing company delivering AI & Visualization solutions to the global medical imaging market, including real-time image study access and manipulation, AI diagnostic support infrastructure, and the development of a secure third party AI tool development marketplace. He was also an early contributor to IPFS & Protocol labs, the design and development arm behind the decentralized web and cloud based storage protocol, FileCoin, which introduced proof-of-replication, a cloud computing protocol for secure, blockchain-based, cloud storage. In 2016, partnered with BlazeTrail Inc., he co-founded PWI, offering technology consulting, legacy system re-engineering, and capital investment for early-stage ventures, and both digital and technology diligence services for institutional investors including PE firms, VC's, and Digital Health focused Angel Syndicates.

Early in his career Mr. Momenthy served as the Chief Executive Officer of Pxper, a sales, digital marketing and  and SAAS consultancy. Pxper managed G2M and digital experiences for clients ranging from Enterprise to  Start-Ups, and developed a low-code marketplace for web tools; simplifying the creation of solutions like chatbots, web widgets, interactive forms, analytics dashboards and API integrations.

Mr. Momenthy is actively involved in the San Diego LaunchPad Center, a non-profit offering Student Entrepreneurship Programs in Collaboration with
UC San Diego's Rady School of Management and he currently sits on the advisory board of AI Visualize, BlazeTrail Inc. a Ruby on Rails Software Development agency that has developed products for clients including Amazon, Google, Uber and Vimeo, and Scanta, a conversational analysis platform for workplace communications. and the recipient of the SF Shark Tank Showcase award in 2018.